The 5 Most Popular Dishes Ordered in Restaurants

Food is like a fashion. It can trend for a period of time, and then it’s never heard of again. So, in order to keep your customers interested, it is important to determine the most popular menu items you need to feature. There is a list of dishes that most people love to order according to almost two dozen top chain restaurants. While everybody has their personal favorites, there is a winning list that almost everybody loves to eat. Therefore, most restaurants have worked harder to give the best version of these dishes.


Pizza is one of the most common dishes ordered restaurants. Pizza can be served plain with tomato sauce, cheese or topped by various items. Some of the traditional toppings include sausage, pepperoni and vegetables. On the other hand, the trendy toppings include salad, buffalo chicken and French fries. Pizza is generally a low cost, easy to prepare and easily suite your casual dinner or lunch.


Hamburgers, the American classic, are one of the most popular dishes around the world. It is can be served just plain or be dressed with a variety of tastes. Burgers tend to be associated with fast food, but there are definitely higher end versions of this classic that are delicious!


Fruit pies have been a dessert staple for decades. Most restaurants and bakeries are now offering a plethora of toppings and decadent fillings. If you want a nice change, you can try berry apple-butter pie or sweet potato meringue pies.

Egg dishes

Eggs are completely versatile and are served in various ways for breakfast or perhaps brunch item. Eggs can be served plain or you can dress them with toppings or fillings. Egg dishes can play role in lunch or dinner menus. Egg Benedict is a popular dish that you can serve anytime during the day.


Salads have been featured as appetizers, side dish or main course for a long time. They are appealing to customers who are looking for something quick or light meal. They have evolved from cucumbers, tomatoes and iceberg lettuce into a popular selection of greens and chef inspired dressings.

All in all, if you are a restaurant owner or a manager, it is important to determine various dishes that are trendy bringing in a variety of new customers. Most menu trends come and go, but some classics will be around forever. So, try new variations of things that people already love.