If you’re an avid foodie then discovering a new restaurant is like going on a new adventure.  Trying new dishes, satisfying food cravings are all part of the appeal of trying a new restaurant.  While the actual food is the biggest part of what makes a good restaurant there are other factors that go into making a restaurant some place that you return to again and again.  A good restaurant is more than just food, let’s look at what makes a restaurant so special.


This should go without saying but sometimes even the most expensive restaurants in the world can be less hygienic than they should be.  However a clean kitchen, clean dining rooms and tables.

Interesting Décor

Restaurant interior design has come a long way and now they are some of the biggest attractions in the industry.  If you are planning on opening a restaurant then you might want to work with a restaurant designer.  There is a whole field of psychology devoted to color and how to use it to make your customers feel relaxed and more importantly hungry.  Here is a closer look at how this works.


Décor and color all go into creating the right atmosphere, do you want a romantic restaurant catering to couples or do you want something hipper and catering to a different crowd.  Decide who your customer are before you start creating the atmosphere.


Walk down the main street of any town and restaurants are a dime a dozen.  You need to stand out amid all of that noise.  A restaurant needs to be original from the food you serve, to the staff you hire.  Chain restaurants lack originality, independent restaurant have a bit more originality going for them.

The Service

Service is absolutely everything.  Good service can even makeup for bad food, you need to be so very careful in the staff that you hire.  They have to be presentable, well-spoken and most importantly extremely friendly.  They need to know when to engage with customers and when to let people eat in peace.  There are people that return to restaurants just because of the staff.  Mistakes need to be kept to a minimum so you need staff that are on the ball.

Much of this may seem obvious but there are plenty of restaurants who don’t heed even the simplest of advice.  Restaurants that make every effort to ensure that their customers enjoy every meal are the ones with a loyal client base.