A Good Restaurant is More than Just Food

A Good Restaurant is More than Just Food

If you’re an avid foodie then discovering a new restaurant is like going on a new adventure.  Trying new dishes, satisfying food cravings are all part of the appeal of trying a new restaurant.  While the actual food is the biggest part of what makes a good restaurant there are other factors that go into making a restaurant some place that you return to again and again.  A good restaurant is more than just food, let’s look at what makes a restaurant so special.


This should go without saying but sometimes even the most expensive restaurants in the world can be less hygienic than they should be.  However a clean kitchen, clean dining rooms and tables.

Interesting Décor

Restaurant interior design has come a long way and now they are some of the biggest attractions in the industry.  If you are planning on opening a restaurant then you might want to work with a restaurant designer.  There is a whole field of psychology devoted to color and how to use it to make your customers feel relaxed and more importantly hungry.  Here is a closer look at how this works.


Décor and color all go into creating the right atmosphere, do you want a romantic restaurant catering to couples or do you want something hipper and catering to a different crowd.  Decide who your customer are before you start creating the atmosphere.


Walk down the main street of any town and restaurants are a dime a dozen.  You need to stand out amid all of that noise.  A restaurant needs to be original from the food you serve, to the staff you hire.  Chain restaurants lack originality, independent restaurant have a bit more originality going for them.

The Service

Service is absolutely everything.  Good service can even makeup for bad food, you need to be so very careful in the staff that you hire.  They have to be presentable, well-spoken and most importantly extremely friendly.  They need to know when to engage with customers and when to let people eat in peace.  There are people that return to restaurants just because of the staff.  Mistakes need to be kept to a minimum so you need staff that are on the ball.

Much of this may seem obvious but there are plenty of restaurants who don’t heed even the simplest of advice.  Restaurants that make every effort to ensure that their customers enjoy every meal are the ones with a loyal client base.

6 Of The Top Food Delivery Apps In Jackson, Mississippi

People throughout Jackson, Mississippi love food apps, but there are many people who don’t know what food delivery apps are available to them. Delivery apps offer many benefits, but they are not all created equal. With that said, let’s discuss some of the top food delivery apps in Jackson and why you should use them. 

1. Grubhub

Grubhub is one of the most popular food delivery apps in Jackson and currently there are over 90 restaurants that are on the app that serve Jackson. Some of the restaurants that are on Grubhub includes Taco Bell, KFC, Captain D’s and Krystal to name a few. You can browse Grubhub’s results via a restaurant’s name, location and cuisines. 

Using Grubhub is easy and all you have to do is browse the menus from the restaurants you want to order from. When you figure out what you want to eat, the next step is to place your order. Then you simply wait for the food to arrive and then you can eat. 

2. Eat24

Eat24 is another popular food delivery app that Jackson residents can use. One of the best things about Eat24 is they have many restaurants for their users to choose from. If that wasn’t impressive enough, the food delivery app offers coupons. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on food and you don’t feel like going to get food, then consider using Eat24. 

After placing your order, Eat24 contacts the restaurant to let them know about your order. Once confirmed, Eat24 will give you a receipt and they will send you a text message. Generally speaking, Eat24 is known for being fast, so you can quickly find and order food from some of the best restaurants in Jackson. 

3. EatStreet

EatStreet operates in various cities across America and this includes Jackson. Although the food delivery app is relatively new compared to the more established apps, the app is still increasingly becoming popular. It’s worth mentioning that there are quite a few positive reviews about the app, which means you can rest assure you’ll be using a reliable app and you won’t be waiting around for a longtime when you place an order. The next time you’re in Jackson and you’re craving good food, then make sure EatStreet is one of the first food delivery apps you check out. 

4. BringMeThat

BringMeThat is one of the lesser known food delivery apps, but it is quickly becoming one of the most popular apps among Jackson residents. There are a number of Dominoes Pizzas locations that are on the app. Other restaurants that are on the app include Pizza Hut, Papa Johns Pizza, Country Kitchen, Penn’s Catering Service and Beagle Bagel Cafe to name a few. 

It doesn’t matter what you’re craving, the chances are you’ll find a restaurant that serves it via BringMeThat. All you have to do is enter your address in Jackson. After you do this, BringMeThat will show you a list of restaurants that deliver to the area. 

5. Waitr

Waitr is a good food delivery app and one of the best things about it is how easy it is to use. The app is straightforward and has a clean and simple interface. Even if you’ve never used a food deliver app, you shouldn’t have an major issues with using Waitr in Jackson, MS

Waitr is free to use and you can clearly see the prices of the restaurants that use the app. However, the app is still relatively new, so the selection of restaurants to choose from isn’t that big. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t have a problem finding a good place to order food from.

6. UberEats

You can also use UberEats to find and order food. After you place your order, the driver for UberEats will deliver your food to your location in Jackson. UberEats is one of the most reliable food delivery apps and it is one of the easiest ones to use.  

Those are the top six food delivery apps in Jackson. Whether you visit Jackson for a few days or weeks, or you currently live there, make sure you use one of those food delivery apps. You’ll love using any of those apps to order food from restaurants in Jackson or that deliver to customers in Jackson.

The 5 Most Popular Dishes Ordered in Restaurants

The 5 Most Popular Dishes Ordered in Restaurants

Food is like a fashion. It can trend for a period of time, and then it’s never heard of again. So, in order to keep your customers interested, it is important to determine the most popular menu items you need to feature. There is a list of dishes that most people love to order according to almost two dozen top chain restaurants. While everybody has their personal favorites, there is a winning list that almost everybody loves to eat. Therefore, most restaurants have worked harder to give the best version of these dishes.


Pizza is one of the most common dishes ordered restaurants. Pizza can be served plain with tomato sauce, cheese or topped by various items. Some of the traditional toppings include sausage, pepperoni and vegetables. On the other hand, the trendy toppings include salad, buffalo chicken and French fries. Pizza is generally a low cost, easy to prepare and easily suite your casual dinner or lunch.


Hamburgers, the American classic, are one of the most popular dishes around the world. It is can be served just plain or be dressed with a variety of tastes. Burgers tend to be associated with fast food, but there are definitely higher end versions of this classic that are delicious!


Fruit pies have been a dessert staple for decades. Most restaurants and bakeries are now offering a plethora of toppings and decadent fillings. If you want a nice change, you can try berry apple-butter pie or sweet potato meringue pies.

Egg dishes

Eggs are completely versatile and are served in various ways for breakfast or perhaps brunch item. Eggs can be served plain or you can dress them with toppings or fillings. Egg dishes can play role in lunch or dinner menus. Egg Benedict is a popular dish that you can serve anytime during the day.


Salads have been featured as appetizers, side dish or main course for a long time. They are appealing to customers who are looking for something quick or light meal. They have evolved from cucumbers, tomatoes and iceberg lettuce into a popular selection of greens and chef inspired dressings.

All in all, if you are a restaurant owner or a manager, it is important to determine various dishes that are trendy bringing in a variety of new customers. Most menu trends come and go, but some classics will be around forever. So, try new variations of things that people already love.